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July 13, 2019



Bon article merci

Lorene Stander

Thank you so so much! This has been annoying me for years - the constant lightening and darkening of the screen non-stop. And I have two Vizio TVs so you solved two of my problems! Thanks again!

Astro Jetson

Dude, you saved me from thinking I was having micro-strokes.

Holly A Wilson

My backlight IS off. What now??


My vizio model E75-E3 right side is dimmer then the left side. Do you know what will be causing that?


I hate vizio. My tv dimmed own its own to black and I cannot even navigate the tv to bright it. This has to be the absolute worse television known to man. I hate the fact I have two of these in my home. Worse decisions I have made regarding purchases.


@Kelly---> Is your Vizio tv a smart tv? If so, download the vizio app and you can control things like brightness, resolution, volume ..etc If your tv is not smart, I would try to look up the model number and then from there i'd try to google an image of the settings menu. You can do this by simply typeing in your tv's model number into the googl search box and then afterwards, you'll see a tab that says, "All, Videos, Images, News, Maps, More." Click the Images button on that tab and then you'll see a ton of images that google attempted to correctly match to the corresponding model number of your Vizio tv. From there, I'm not saying it's going to be easy but what I am saying is, at least if you can get that image, you can have a map of sorts that'll provide some guidance/direction vs no guidance or direction...I hope this helps you or anyone with a similar problem.

Slimithy James

youre the man

Geeky Gama

Thanks sooo much! I thought my tv was done for until I followed your instructions.

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